Amor de Filosofia 10 (Tom)


by Tom Hinlo

4 months have passed and here we are, very near the end of the first semester. In that span of time as a Freshie in the University, I learned a lot of things about college and life in general more than what I expected. Thanks to all the professors and classmates who were with me along the way and even though some of them were boring, I am still grateful for the experience we have shared. But there are two classes that made the biggest impact in my first semester in UP. One of which is PHILOSOPHY 10 under Sir Caslib. Maybe some of you would think that out of the 5 subjects that I was enrolled at, what is it with these two subjects that made me say that they created the biggest impact on me. Right now, I would be focusing on Philosophy 10 since it was the course that gave me the chance to write this evaluation of the whole experience.

When I entered room 308 for the first time, the room where almost all the priceless memories I have of this class were created, I already knew that this would be a worth it subject to take. I don’t know what to expect and to tell you all honestly, I got intimated and at the same time scared the first time I saw the professor in front. I don’t who he was, I don’t know what is his teaching style, I don’t know if he’s the type of professor that would make the lives of his students miserable, I don’t know, to put it in simple terms I was almost clueless of how will this class go on for the succeeding months. The only thing that was clear to me after the first meeting was that his name is Sir Caslib and he will be my professor in Philosophy 10 for this semester. But I told myself that I enrolled in this class and I must make the most out of it.

It started out that this was not my favorite class because I was so intimidated by Sir Caslib. I was so intimidated by the fact that he is a very good professor based on the feedbacks I got from different people. I was scared because at the same time I heard that he gives so many tasks and that creates the possibility of me not being able to handle it very well. I had this fear of going to a class that would just make me wish that the semester ends already as soon as possible. All these doubts and fears that I had vanished away after experiencing Philosophy 10 under him, myself.

As each meeting after the first one passed by, I got to learn how to love this class more and more. Each meeting was something that I always look forward to. From the people that I met in this class that sooner or later became my friends, mind-blogging discussions of Sir Caslib that would leave all of us thinking and realizing of what life is truly all about, readings that were long but interesting and mind enriching, hand-written papers that made us critically think, the weekly routine of Sir asking us “How’s your weekend?” that made us laugh and feel, jokes of Sir Caslib that I may say never failed to make me laugh, up to the simple conversations the whole class had with Sir, all of these combined makes me say right now that it was all worth it. It wasn’t an easy journey for we had to do a lot of work for this class but even if this was the case, I don’t regret being a student of Sir since he taught me very well in a holistic manner. He showed me that grades after all is not the main goal of his subject and at the end of the day it is about the answer to the question, did you learn anything or not?

I am proud to say that I learned a lot from this class. Not only the names of the Greek Philosophers we got to discuss but more importantly I learned values that would be useful to me for the rest of my life. Thanks to Sir, I was able to view life now in a wider perspective. Thanks to him and to my classmates for making me knowledgeable of what it truly means to love and what is the relation of it to life as a whole.

Letting go of this class would be a hard thing to do for me. It may sound funny and ridiculous for me to feel this way since it is just GE class that I get to attend to twice a week, but it is the truth. In fact every time I get to remember Philo 10, I can’t stop myself from smiling, remembering all the class discussions, funny moments, hilarious conversations we had with Sir Caslib, the list of memories can go on and on and on. And now that my journey as a Philosophy student is already over, I would just like to once again express my gratitude to everyone who made this course life changing. I would definitely miss this class! There are no goodbyes but just see you around!!! God bless you all and ‘til next time!


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